The Beginning of Sorrows and the Seals

Being called to study and teach prophecy and getting as much of it as I do, I often forget how most people don’t even get the basics of end times prophecy.  I often feel like I’m a hundred miles ahead of others, telling them to hurry and catch up.  Anyone that has been called to… Continue reading The Beginning of Sorrows and the Seals

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The Election Campaign Struggle

Hi guys.  Just wanted to share some thoughts about what we are seeing with the candidates who are running for president and what followers of Christ are struggling with. First – if you are confused and still up in the air about this election, you are not alone. 



The book of revelation is a hard one to decipher.  It has a lot of symbolism, duality, and it appears to bounce around a lot, making it difficult to understand for many.  Most people find the book of Revelation too difficult, too time consuming, and don’t care to spend the time on it so they… Continue reading THE SIXTH SEAL & THE RAPTURE