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SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study

I want to ask you a serious question.  What makes more sense to you? (based on your knowledge of the Holy Spirit and God): Would the Holy Spirit allow a child of God to speak in tongues (another language, foreign to them) to people where the language is NOT understood…. Or would the HS speak… Continue reading SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study

Christian Responsibilities · Politics


I’m sorry – another political blog.  Actually NO – I DON’T apologize – this is IMPORTANT to every Christian American…. I’m watching these primary vote totals…..I’m disturbed by the numbers.  I’m annoyed, I’m irritated.  And then I remembered the solution to this Trump dilemma….and then Rubio did something that dropped my jaw…..with a smile.

Encouragement · Marriage and Family


Having a daughter aged 16-25 can be a difficult time. This particular age group in our children is a difficult one. This doesn’t pertain to all youths in this age group, but many. I have a daughter who is now 22. She is rebellious, not quite sure who she is yet, and stubborn (wonder where… Continue reading THE PRODIGAL; REBELLIOUS DAUGHTERS

Christian Responsibilities


The reason that I called this blog site “Your True Christian Journey” is because I wanted to share with others my walk, my experiences being a follower of Christ, and to also help others understand the different stages of a Christian walk. Unfortunately, world events have taken hold as I watch prophecy unfold in them… Continue reading WHO ARE YOU TODAY IN CHRIST?