Christian Responsibilities · Marriage and Family


Standards.  We all have them.  Whether high or low – those are what we refer to when living our lives.  Standards are what we look for/at in others in relationships.  We often seek those with the same standards as what we ourselves have.

Christian Responsibilities · Politics


I’ve been following the case of the lesbian couple that went after “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” and sued them for 135,000.00. It is now being reported that the agency that ordered the payment is now going to seize their assets as the couple (the Klein’s) are refusing to pay or follow the options given them.

Christian Responsibilities · Encouragement


I have been receiving a lot of information lately about anti-Semitic viewpoints in the “Christian” realm. The reason I put the word “Christian” in quotation marks is because sometimes I seriously question the maturity in faith of some professing believers.