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I have been receiving a lot of information lately about anti-Semitic viewpoints in the “Christian” realm. The reason I put the word “Christian” in quotation marks is because sometimes I seriously question the maturity in faith of some professing believers.

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One of the things that have been of great interest to me, and probably part of my calling, is false teachers and heretical churches. I haven’t written a ton about this subject because I get so much flack for it. Let’s face it – people typically love their churches, and they don’t want to be… Continue reading IS YOUR CHURCH A BIBLICAL ONE?

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PARABLE OF THE TALENTS and the Lukewarm Church

As I was sitting here reading and explaining Matthew 25 (THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS) to my daughter as part of her home-school lesson, I thought ‘wow, I should write about this’.   It’s AN AWESOME parable, and one I fight for every day; warning others of the dangers of NOT doing what Christians are called… Continue reading PARABLE OF THE TALENTS and the Lukewarm Church