The Bible states in 2 Timothy that the last days will be “perilous” times. When we think of that word “perilous”, we think maybe dangerous, maybe great in suffering, maybe terrible – and all of these would be correct – but there’s more. Advertisements

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Poverty is Not a Race Problem, Despite What They Tell Us.

I recently saw a video of a native American Indian woman crying about how the Indians have been so oppressed and so many of them are suffering under the hands of an evil government here in the US.  Sounds an awful lot like the blacks in this country who are still crying about slavery, living… Continue reading Poverty is Not a Race Problem, Despite What They Tell Us.


Muthana and Smollett

I wrote yesterday how the media lies to divide us.  Today, I’m going to talk about the Smollett story and now how media is putting forth the idea that Smollett staged a fake Trump supporter attack on him because he was “UNHAPPY WITH HIS SALARY”.  And then I’m going to discuss this bunk Hoda Muthana… Continue reading Muthana and Smollett



I’ve heard so many people blaming Donald Trump for dividing the nation.  My question is – where were they when Obama was POTUS???  My gosh – that man wanted nothing short of destroying this nation and everything it has ever stood for. 

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I’m at that place where I’m at peace after a holiday.  Some of you may know what I’m talking about.  The hustle and bustle is over.  The worry (as a hostess and mother) that everything will turn out good is over.  I pulled it off with the help of Jesus.  I’m so at ease right… Continue reading I SURVIVED CHRISTMAS


Government Shenanigans

Funding for the “wall”.  Government Shutdowns (MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICAN PEOPLE!).  Stock markets going haywire worldwide.  Pelosi and Schumer ganging up together against our President – publicly, airing their grievances all with each other.  “Maddog” Mattis quitting over differences with President on the Syria issue (which by the way isn’t what we are being told –… Continue reading Government Shenanigans

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Children: Discipline or Not?

I was watching Dr. Phil yesterday and he had on a program about what some may deem today as “extreme” or “radical” discipline for children.  Truthfully, this type of discipline was very common up until about 30 years ago – before we were all told spanking was a form of child abuse.  How far our… Continue reading Children: Discipline or Not?

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I had an incident happen to me this week that is downright shameful.  It was so shameful, a local radio personality just yesterday devoted a 1/2 hour segment on this incident – my personal story – in her 1 hour show.  I’m a radio star!  Who’d have thought?

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Taking Up My Cross

I danced with the devil 21 years ago when I met my 2nd husband, only I didn’t know he was the devil because he presented himself as an angel of light to me.  (Ah to be blind, young, and naive again).  I had a child with this man.  He since left me for another woman… Continue reading Taking Up My Cross

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Imagine if you will, being a man who has worked very hard his whole life – plan in hand to become a great lawyer.  He goes off to college and works his butt off for at least 4 long years to pass the bar.  Imagine beginning a rapid ascent in the legal world following your Yale… Continue reading POLITICAL TERRORISM