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The Church is in BIG TROUBLE.

I had an experience on Facebook (again) today that blew my mind.  Yes that evil, pride raising, egomaniacal inducing social media venue.   Advertisements



I was talking to my youngest the other day about home ownership. I explained to her that even when you own a home, even when the mortgage is completely paid off, you never REALLY own your home.  The reason being is because your home is placed on top of government owned land.  Home ownership requires… Continue reading LAND OF THE FREE?

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Hi guys – been awhile since I’ve written.  I’ve been busy working a couple of MLM businesses and just every day life stuff.  Jesus is still with me!  No worries there There have been numerous topics I’ve wanted to write about recently, but since this one came up today, I’m going to share with all… Continue reading BODY OF CHRIST: GRACE AND GIFTS

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Why God Created Satan

My daughter asked me THE QUESTION today and I had to come up with an answer to something that is hard to understand for all of us: “Mom.  Why did God create Satan when He knew Satan would do all these bad things?”

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There’s a ton going on lately regarding the White House and abortion.  I have many opinions on the matter of abortion, planned parenthood, and the church regarding abortion.  I believe they are common sense ideas and hope some will hear me on this. This isn’t a cut and dry issue.  This is one that I’ve… Continue reading THE CHURCH AND ABORTION



Let this be a formal plea to all the anarchists and liberals out there:  PLEASE – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – STOP EMBARRASSING OUR NATION! The photos of the women protesters these past few days that have been going viral in mockery of them have thrown me over the edge.  I have done so… Continue reading PLEASE STOP….



Pretending to be someone else as a career must do something to people’s brains.  I’m guessing the biggest handicap “acting” gives someone is the inability to live within the realm of REALITY – aka – in the REAL world. I’m watching all these rich and famous people spouting off and shooting off their mouths, sticking… Continue reading HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO SHUT UP

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SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study

I want to ask you a serious question.  What makes more sense to you? (based on your knowledge of the Holy Spirit and God): Would the Holy Spirit allow a child of God to speak in tongues (another language, foreign to them) to people where the language is NOT understood…. Or would the HS speak… Continue reading SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study


How Liberals, the Media, and Anarchists Helped Trump Win

If you are part of the left, or one of these anarchists in the nation, and if you REALLY want to know why your chosen candidate lost this time around – pay attention.  I voted for Trump, and I, being on the other side, can tell you EXACTLY why you lost this time around, and… Continue reading How Liberals, the Media, and Anarchists Helped Trump Win